Board of Directors

Anne NeumannAnne Neumann, Vice President and General Manager, came to Rancho Obi-Wan armed with a bar code reader and a database, intent on cataloging the entire collection and then returning to her native Texas within six months. That was in 2006. Anne has a Bachelors and Masters degree in Geography from the University of Texas at Austin. She received specialized training in database design and database-driven web site implementation while writing a point-of-sale system for the UT computer store; accounting systems on university mainframes; and content management software at Internet startup Vignette. Anne managed volunteers for Star Wars licensee Official Pix for seven years, was the main photographer on Steve Sansweet’s book Star Wars: 1000 Collectibles and wrote the database and managed the technology that allowed Steve to write Star Wars: The Ultimate Action Figure Collection. A relentless organizer and event planner, Anne can claim to be minimally proficient in construction management, organizing, and box lifting.

Duncan JenkinsDuncan Jenkins is the co-author on four books relating to Star Wars collectibles: Gus and Duncan’s Comprehensive Guide to Star Wars Collectibles, Gus and Duncan’s Guide to Star Wars Prototypes, Gus and Duncan’s Guide to Star Wars Cast & Crew Items, and Star Wars: Year by Year. He has written numerous articles for as well as various publications. Duncan has shared his extensive knowledge of collecting in presentations at conventions around the world in addition to TV and radio programs. He is an editor for The Star Wars Collector’s Archive. Duncan works as a Laboratory Manager for a forensic toxicology lab where he has over 15 years experience. He lives in Liberty, Missouri with his wife Anne who helps him manage his own 5,000 square foot Star Wars collectibles museum, The Sithsonian.

newgus_smGus Lopez created The Star Wars Collectors Archive in 1994, the first Star Wars collecting site on the Internet and a virtual museum of the rarest and most unusual Star Wars collectibles. He is a frequent speaker at conventions on Star Wars collecting topics. Gus has led the collecting program for all of Lucasfilm’s Star Wars Celebration conventions. He has been a contributor to Star Wars Insider and other publications and has co-authored four books relating to Star Wars collectibles: Gus and Duncan’s Comprehensive Guide to Star Wars Collectibles, Gus and Duncan’s Guide to Star Wars Prototypes, Gus and Duncan’s Guide to Star Wars Cast & Crew Items, and Star Wars: Year by Year. Gus is Director of Software Engineering for AmazonLocal, and has worked at for the past 13 years. Prior to joining Amazon, he held technology positions at Verio and AT&T Bell Laboratories. Gus has a B.S. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an M.S. from Brown University, and a Ph.D. from the University of Washington, all in computer science. Gus lives in Seattle with his wife, Pam, and is an avid collector of Star Wars movie props, toy prototypes, cereal boxes, and cast and crew items.

Michael WistockAlong with being a passionate Star Wars fan and collector, Michael Wistock has extensive online e-tailing familiarity and executive management experience. For nearly 10 years he ran a successful high-end science fiction prop and toy business that he founded in the early days of online commerce with his business partner David Blanchard. A former member of the U.S. Air Force, and with a brief history in competitive automobile racing, Michael is currently part of the executive management team for a large global telecommunication service provider. He is also co-host/producer of the popular iTunes and Internet podcast “The Science Fiction Show.” Michael is driven to preserve the rich history of collectibles tied to the Star Wars universe, and expand cultural experiences to future generations.

Rich SmolenRich Smolen is the owner of and has been an avid collector and online retailer of Star Wars trading cards for more than a decade. He also has 20 years of digital marketing and e-commerce experience at a variety of technology, media and entertainment companies. Rich holds an MBA from UCLA Anderson. He has served as director of development for Rancho Obi-Wan since late 2013, and lives in Santa Rosa, California with his wife Temple and their daughter. Rich is dedicated to preserving the legacy of Star Wars merchandising, and to supporting the creativity and passion that connects us all as a community of fans and collectors.

Pete VilmurPete Vilmur is currently Senior Writer and Head of Fan Relations at Lucasfilm. Star Wars fans know him best for his nine years working at Lucas Digital Media, where as Senior Editor he created content for Lucasfilm’s websites, blogs and social networks. Pete co-authored two books with Steve Sansweet – The Star Wars Poster Book and The Star Wars Vault – and a third with Ryder Windham, The Complete Vader. Pete is passionate about the pop culture history and behind-the-scenes stories of the Star Wars saga, and has long collected posters, advertising materials and other ephemera to stock his personal archive. Pete lives in Petaluma with his wife Teri and their two children.