Rancho Obi-Thon Update…and the Filoni Hat Saga Continues

Thanks to all of you who bid on items in our Rancho Obi-Thon fundraiser, donated those items, or spread the word. While final income and expenses are still being calculated, it looks like we raised around $15,500 for maintenance, utilities, security, community outreach programs and other outlays.

There was one problem—again! For the second time, eBay closed down our auction for the iconic “Dave Filoni Clone Wars Hat,” autographed by Dave, the supervising director of the series; Matt Lanter, voice of Anakin; Tom Kane, voice of Yoda; and Sam Witwer, voice of Darth Maul. It would take a supercomputer with years of special programming to figure out some of eBay’s arcane rules on wording and how and when they’re applied. So we’re going to complete the auction ourselves, with Steve running it.

When the auction was terminated, the high bid was $860, and we know who that was from. To be fair to other bidders who were waiting until the end, we will be doing an email auction this weekend. These are the rules:

If you’re interested in entering the auction—remember, there’s a current top bid of $860 on the table—please send your email address and the subject line “Filoni Hat Auction” to hat@ranchoobiwan.org. Deadline for getting on the list of bidders is 9 PM Pacific Daylight Time Saturday night.

On Sunday night, the auction will be open from 6:30 PM to 7 PM Pacific Daylight time. That is when to submit any bids topping $860. At 7 PM we will email ALL active bidders with the current high bid. You will have five minutes to enter a higher bid. This will continue, if necessary, until a five-minute period passes without any new bids. We will then let all bidders know that bidding has ceased and inform the winner. Payment is accepted through PayPal only (info@ranchoobiwan.org) and must be paid within 24 hours. Many thanks for your understanding!

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